Early signs and general pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for all women. Every mother, experiencing signs of different pregnancies. In fact, its own reality, pregnancy symptoms can be very different from one pregnancy to other pregnancies. Symptoms can occur in a systematic, can be smooth, and sometimes it may not be clear. Symptoms of pregnancy vary to produce truly random. There is no time or duration of pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy signs are generally different from one woman to another in the duration, frequency and intensity. The best way to learn your pregnancy is to do a pregnancy test. But before deciding to take the test, here is a list of the first signs of pregnancy. However, remember that signs of pregnancy are just a guide that cannot experience all these symptoms in pregnancy, except the first.

1 The absence of menstruation – a sign of a sure pregnancy shot.

The first sign of pregnancy and everything is missing your monthly cycle. This is the first sign that makes the woman hunt for early signs of early pregnancy. So I would say that if you miss your menstruation, you have to check whether you experience other signs of pregnancy, which will only happen if you miss your menstruation.

2 Changes to your breasts.

When you get pregnant your breasts become very sensitive. At the beginning of breast pregnancy it usually becomes soft, swollen and painful. It can hurt, even when touched lightly. Breast tenderness is one of the most common and real signs of early pregnancy. It seems to be towering. If you are pregnant, you can easily detect this sign, as a nipples to turn off pain and more sensitive. The color of the nipple can also be dark.

3 fatigue and frequent urination.

You may experience a journey that often goes into the bathroom, and at the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus swells putting large pressure on the bladder that makes you urinate more often than usual. You wake up at night several times to urinate more often. At the beginning of pregnancy it might also feel tired and exhausted most of the time. They just like to be in old beds. Daily household tasks or routine shopping trips will be dried and removed.

4 Increasing vaginal vagina.

At the beginning of pregnancy you will see that there is an increase in vaginal debit which is usually without pain or irritation.

5 strange flavors in the mouth.

Most women experience strange sense in the mouth that is often described as metal. This may or may not happen to any woman during her pregnancy. It has a strange taste in pregnancy mouths often a short short sign.

6 nausea and nausea in the morning.

Most women begin to feel sick of course in the morning, but in fact, nausea can attack anytime. Morning sickness and nausea are general symptoms of pregnancy that is often experienced in the early stages of pregnancy for most women.

7 sensitivity to smell and “stop” certain things.

Most women experience an increasing sense of smell at the beginning of pregnancy. This is a stage that cannot tolerate the usual fragrances around you. Suddenly, the smell that is familiar to be very irresistible and even some of his favorite foods might be less attractive. The smell of coffee or tea, smoke, tobacco or fatty food is easily postponed.

8 Constipation and headaches.

Constipation is very common at the beginning of pregnancy. Because the increase in hormone levels in the digestive process slowed and the large intestine began to absorb water that produced constipation. Because of the intense hormone activity that occurs at the beginning of pregnancy, most women also suffer from headaches often at the beginning of pregnancy. Sometimes women only know “they are pregnant, is the first impression. Above all, it’s important to undergo a pregnancy test a few days after menstruation to see if you expect.