Relapse: Can One Get back to Normal Life?

There are many people out there who have turned to addictive substance even after successful rehabilitation. People often tend to think the rehab session as a failure when this happens. Turning to addictive substance completely depend on the person’s control and will and never on the rehabilitation treatment. Rehabs work with the goal of treating addiction and finding better ways to lead a life without the substances. The life after rehabilitation is completely dependent on how willing the patient is to lead a healthy life. When people again start using addictive substances, this time period is called a relapse. A relapse is just another addictive period that can be treated successfully.

Treatable situation

Relapse can happen due to the underlying causes that were the actual reasons of being an addict last time. Mental issues like anxiety, depression or physical pain can act as the triggers which can make people look for the substances all over again. Though rehabs teach how to deal with the triggers, in many cases people fail to use the skills and turn away from substances. But a relapse can be treated just like addiction was treated with Detox To Rehab procedure.

Relapse is not any sign of treatment failure but a period that can be successfully dealt with. This phase does not mean that the person is not treatable or he or she can no longer live a sober life. proper treatment can help to treat this condition as well. It is necessary to hang onto the things learnt in a rehab to apply those in the period after rehabilitation. Properly practicing those goal setting skills, new habits and other things helps to fight with relapse and deal with it in a healthy way. Patients will also be able to make better decisions to seek medical help when dealing with relapse.