Alternative massage therapy for arthritis

Massage therapy, although considered by some controversial, is an effective way to manage arthritis pain. But those who believe in this alternative therapy have experienced success in the form of pain relief. Massage therapy for arthritis is not only fun but also proved therapy.

Benefits of alternative massage therapy for patients with arthritis

Patients who suffer from arthritis get the following benefits from alternative message therapy:

o muscle relaxation and deep tissue
o Stress reduction
o Release of toxins from the body
o increased muscle flexibility
o Improve blood circulation
o Reduction of blood pressure
o Reduction of Twitter
o tension and relieve pain
o raises mental and spiritual awareness

While the benefits of many alternative message therapy, it must also be noted that there are various types of physical massage therapy that handles arthritis in their own way.

Deep Network Massage – Alternative Therapy Therapy

Inner network massage includes aligning muscle layers and connecting networks. This is very helpful for areas that are tense and contracted like a sick shoulder, stiff neck and back. It is also associated with acupressure that has therapeutic benefits for the body and facilitates arthritis pain and discomfort.

Swedish Massage – Popular choice

This massage technique is very popular. Physical therapists use massage oil and techniques such as kneading, knocking and stretching to reduce muscle tensions in rheumatic patients. Swedish massage uses strong but soft pressure to promote relaxation and is widely regarded as the most pleasant massage type without side effects such as pain.

Massage Shiatsu – Alternative Therapy from Asia

Shiatsu massage, also known as acupressure massage, is a finger pressure massage technique that comes from ancient Asia. This involves the use of pressure points on certain body parts. Acupressure shares its similarity with acupuncture in acupressure using the same points stimulated in acupuncture.

Reflexology Massage Therapy – Different Approaches

Most massage techniques focus more on the neck, back and shoulders than others. Reflexology massage therapy involves the application of pressure at certain points in the hands, the ears and feet to release tensions. Because these organs are also connected to other parts of the body, the effect of relaxation spread throughout the body.

Myofascial massage – ignore muscles

In addition to rheumatic patients, alternative therapy is very popular among sports athletes. This is different from all other massage therapy techniques because it does not target the muscles itself. Instead, it targets fascia which is a membrane that surrounds the muscles responsible for the body’s structure and protects internal organs.

Alternative therapy and arthritis today

At present, the use of massage as an effective alternative therapy treatment for arthritis continues to grow more and more people learn about the benefits. Alternative therapy has been recognized by the medical company as a method of therapy that is less invasive for chronic conditions and is successfully used as a healing therapy in many medical facilities throughout the country. Next, it breaks the pain cycle that often goes with the arthritis. More and more people who suffer from arthritis are learning to relieve pain because they are treated with the magic healing force of alternative massage therapy.